Our mission ..

.. rediscover the taste of life


Always good food turns out to be one of the nice things of life, and having to be forced to give up, for reasons that go beyond one's own will, in part if not entirely to be able to taste the flavors of some foods, surely it is not the highest of expectations.

This is unfortunately the condition in which there is a celiac person. The passion for good food and the uncomfortable knowledge that they try all people intolerant to gluten, have meant that Zefirano gluten free  could start the production of gluten-free foods path. Flanked by experienced chef is able to create absolutely gluten-free foods, maintaining unaltered the organoleptic and nutritional quality. The result achieved by our staff is that both taste and flavor of our products does not suggest the absence of gluten.


The continuous search for raw materials and the patience of our Chef allow us to produce hand crafted foods as "home made by her grandmother" unique flavor of stuffed pasta, the production of doughs and mixes for all the different shapes of pasta, which happens to be one of the more difficult hurdles to overcome. Each product is mada with the attention and professionalism of experienced hands, packaged and hermetically sealed in order to avoid cross contamination.

  All our products of course, may not necessarily be consumed only by people with celiac disease or gluten intolerant, but also by those who, without suffering from particular diseases, wants to share the same food with their friends and family members with celiac disease.


Enjoy your meal!!!